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importing luxury latin goods. thru miami. just like the good ol' days

This is Dani + Mike, the co-founders/siblings behind Coconut Cartel.

Thanks for dropping by.

We’d like to properly introduce ourselves, but first we’ll take it back to the very beginning. 

Mike and I were both born in Miami; the city where our parents migrated to back in the 70’s. A place we have always called home. 

Early in our childhoods, we moved to El Salvador and then later to Guatemala. 

We grew up traveling between Central America and Miami; from black sanded beaches to soft white, and cool mountain tops back to warmer sunsets. It was always an incredibly drastic dichotomy of lifestyles and surroundings: one day we’d be drinking fresh coconuts off the side of the road, and the next day we’re watching the sun set over Biscayne Bay – an amazing life for sure. 

This very contrast is the inspiration behind Coconut Cartel. 

So this is the story of a brother and sister duo, with a love for two places we call home: Central America and Miami.

It all started with smuggling coconuts back in 2013 in our luggage via Miami International Airport. 

Today, we continue to bring you Central America’s finest, via the Port of Miami, just like the good ol’ days.